The Best Popcorn Popping Oil
PUBLISHED: Friday, October 2, 2020

The Best Popcorn Popping Oil

Popcorn may have one of the simplest recipes in the culinary world—corn kernels, oil, and heat—but there’s enough wiggle room in it for some popcorn to turn out better than others. The variety and quality of kernels certainly have an impact on the finished product, as does the source of heat. But the single most important variable to great popcorn is the popping oil. For movie theater-style popcorn, coconut oil like our Real Theater Popping Oil is king for several reasons.

First and foremost, popcorn popped in coconut oil picks up most of the rich, buttery taste of the cinema without much additional topping. Just a touch of butter (or buttery flavoring) and salt brings it all the way to movie-theater concession territory. Other popping oils don’t impart those flavors, requiring you to season the finished product more than necessary.

Coconut oil is also among the healthier options. A serving of air-popped kernels comes in around 30 calories, while a serving popped in coconut oil runs around 35 calories. That’s consistent with canola oil, which is widely regarded as a healthier cooking option than other fats. Coupled with the flavoring qualities and resulting in the reduced need for toppings, coconut oil squares up very competently to air popping on the health front.

Where cleanliness is a concern, coconut oil is the clear choice. It burns more cleanly than almost any other cooking oil, including canola (which is regarded as a particularly clean oil in its own right). That means less frequent cleaning of your popcorn machines and less risk of damage from fouling or buildup. Real Theater Popping Oil isn’t just better for your tastebuds and your wallet, it’s safer for your expensive equipment.

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