BackJack Chair Buyer’s Guide
PUBLISHED: Friday, July 31, 2020

BackJack Chair Buyer’s Guide

BackJack floor chairs are known for the health and space-saving benefits they offer owners—both of which are well documented on our website. But sorting through the myriad options to find the perfect BackJack chair for your specific needs can be daunting. We’ve put this guide together to explain the frame and material options available on our floor chairs.

Frame Options

BackJack chairs come in two sizes, Regular and XL. The BackJack Regular chair, with a seat 14 ½” wide and a back 20” high, is suitable for children and smaller-statured adults. The BackJack XL chair suits the needs of larger-statured adults with a seat 16 ½” wide and a back 22” high. The BackJack Regular chair is ideal for children and adults who stand 5’6” or shorter; taller individuals will tend to prefer the extra room offered by the BackJack XL chair’s higher back and wider seat cushion. Both the BackJack Regular and XL chairs make use of the same durable, tubular frame design.

The BackJack Regular chair is available with either a fixed or folding frame. The size and weight of the two are virtually identical, but the folding chair features a spring-loaded frame that makes it more portable and easier to stow in a trunk or rear hatch.

The BackJack Folding chair is just as comfortable and rigid as the fixed version, making it ideal for people using their chairs for exercise classes, concerts, beach trips, and more.

Fabric Options

BackJack chairs are available in cotton duck, TuffDuck™, or denim. Cotton duck is a heavy-duty weave often used in furniture upholstery, tennis shoe uppers, hammocks, and numerous other applications where fabric needs to be equally soft and durable. TuffDuck™ is a proprietary weave made in the same way as cotton duck, but with polyester fiber instead of cotton. Both are strong, easy to clean, and made to last. BackJack chairs are also available in denim. It’s the same denim we all know and love, just reimagined as upholstery. All chair covers are removeable for easy cleaning.

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