Completing the Home Theater Experience
PUBLISHED: Friday, August 14, 2020

Completing the Home Theater Experience

Our last two entries covered some of the basics of popcorn, but that’s not the only essential ingredient in the perfect home theater experience. There are other snacks to consider, of course, but also smaller touches like the way snacks are served—a plastic or ceramic bowl from the kitchen cupboard just won’t cut it—and the ambiance of your theater. As always, this is less of a comprehensive overview and more of a peek at what’s possible beyond a beautiful screen and a popcorn machine.

Popcorn is the undisputed king of movie theater concessions, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only tasty or authentic option. Corn chips with spicy cheese dip is a perennial favorite among movie lovers, as are hot dogs and cotton candy. Gold Medal’s Chip and Cheese Warmer is great for keeping a larger quantity of corn chips and cheese sauce at the ready for big families or get-togethers. It keeps the chips warm and the cheese sauce evenly heated for an authentic concession stand experience. Paragon’s Hot Dog Hut does the same thing, but for frankfurters and buns. If you enjoy bringing a touch of the ballpark to the theater, this is a functional showpiece for your home cinema.

Of course, having the right snacks on hand is only part of the equation. The right vessels for your snacks are vital. Tubs large and small—and all sizes in between—for popcorn, paper trays for hot dogs, and waxed paper cones for Sno-Cones™ make all the difference in transforming your home theater into a true cinema. You and your guests will instantly feel the difference.

Finally, there’s ambiance. Once you’ve invested in top-shelf A/V equipment and the high-end wiring needed to bring all the components together, putting it in a space that feels like a run-of-the-mill living room or basement is anticlimactic. Finish your home theater with full-sized movie posters in either frames or lighted marquees from Bass Industries. And for proud owners of Dolby audio setups, an illuminated sign is the perfect final touch.

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