BackJack Chairs FAQ

What is the difference between the XL and regular folding chair?

The XL BackJack does not fold flat for storage. The seat will fold up, yet the support brace does not tri-fold as the regular Folding BackJack does. Also the XL is taller and wider (16 1/2" W X 23" H) than the regular folding (141/2"W X 20"H). The regular folding BackJack folds completely flat, and comes with a velcro strap to ensure that it stays closed for storage.

What is the difference in size between XL and regular?

The size of the XL BackJack is: 16 1/2" W X 23" H

The size of the Regular BackJack is: 14 1/2" W X 20" H

What type of material is the cover made out of?

The cover is a cotton/acrylic blend. The cushion is made of a synthetic foam.

Is the cover washable?

No. We suggest that you spot wash on frame only with mild soap and cold water. DO NOT LAUNDER. We do have replacement covers available.

How do I assemble my Back Jack Chair?

XL BackJack Assembly instructions, click here. For the folding instructions, click here.


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