BASS Poster Marquee FAQs


What type of poster is best suited for the BASS Lighted Marquee?

Single-sheet initial release or advance posters look the best in the Lighted Marquee. Not only are these types of posters the perfect size, 27" x 41", these posters are also usually printed on both sides. The double-sided printing makes the colors better defined when the marquee’s two (2) four-foot fluorescent bulbs shine from behind the posters. Reprints are usually printed on only one side, therefore the colors are not as well-defined.

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Can I use a dimmer?

No. The chasers and fluorescent lights prohibit the use of a dimmer.

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How do I mount the unit?

Holes need to be drilled in the back of the unit to mount it directly to the wall. Be sure to fasten the unit securely.

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Can I change the chaser speed?

Yes. There is a dial inside that allows you to control the speed.

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How do I change the posters?

The user-friendly BASS Lock design allows the user to change the posters almost effortlessly. Each of the four sides of the frame opens outward. Simply open the sides of the frame, change the poster, then close the sides of the frame to "lock" the new poster into place.

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Which unit works best for me?

That depends upon the layout of your home theater. The Premiere unit uses 7-watt bulbs in the chaser. This unit works best in large rooms where your guests are not close to the unit. The Econolite unit uses smaller neon bulbs, which work better in a smaller setting.

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How do I wire the unit?

The standard unit comes with a plug that is wired throughout the lower right side of the unit’s back. This can be changed to a permanently wired unit and a switch can be added by special order.

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What does it mean if every third light is out?

Each bulb works individually so if only one goes out the rest should stay in working order. Replace the older bulb and you are back in business! However, if every third light is out this may be a sign that you are due for a new controller.

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What does it mean if every single light is out?

The control box inside the unit (silver box usually mounted in the bottom cormer) has a fuse inside. You need to see if the fuse is blown. The unit takes a simple car fuse. Also check and make sure all the connections are tight. The fuse is usually the problem so go there first. You may have to unscrew the control box to take the cover off

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How do I mount my marquee to the wall?

How to Hang Your Marquee

(2) 1/4" x 3” lag bolts
(2) 1/4" washers
3/8" drill bit
3/16" drill bit
electric drill

Hanging Instructions:

1. Flip open the four sides of the Frame (as if you were changing
a poster).
2. Remove the clear Plexiglas poster cover and the white Plexiglas sheet to expose the wooden back of the marquee.
3. Using the 3/8" drill bit, drill two holes through the back of the marquee. If you are mounting the marquee on drywall or plaster it is best to drill the holes 16" apart and centered.
4. Select the spot for your marquee. Locate the studs. You will need two studs approximately 16" apart to match the holes drilled in the marquee.
5. Using the 3/16" drill bit, drill one hole into each of the studs.
6. Slip the washer over the lag bolt.
7. Mount the marquee to the wall with the lag bolts.

Additional Tip:

1. The control panel to adjust the speed of the marquee's lights is found in the bottom right-hand corner of the marquee. After hanging the marquee, and before replacing the white Plexiglas sheet, take a few minutes to select your speed.

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